Batik Teknologi Indonesia
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Batik Teknologi Indonesia is part of Rumah Riset and has “butimo” brand. The company was founded specially for research and development of batik and batik technology and has concerns from batik design to batik production and marketing, as well as wastewater treatment, lean and collaborative production.

The “butimo” batik machine is capable to perform various batik processes, such as nglowongi (main motif), nemboki (blocking), and nyecek (dots) on a sheet of fabric. However, batik production must still follow the standard (pakem) of batik that has been set by SNI (Indonesian National Standard): using hot wax (malam panas), using canting as a batik tool, and using manual intervention. With a batik machine, we are moving towards Batik 4.0. Batik can be designed by the customer and then sent to the batik machine for processing. After that, the finishing and coloring processes are carried out to complete the batik production. The advantages of using a batik machine are reducing production time, saving wax, maintaining wax penetration, non-stop production, maintaining high artistic value, promoting custom design, and supporting real time production.
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Kabrokan Wetan RT 01 Sendangsari, Pajangan, Bantul


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