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PT. Oneject Indonesia is a manufacturer who produces Medical Devices, especially Auto Disable Syringes. As a pioneer of AD syringes manufacturer in Indonesia in providing safe injections, PT. Oneject Indonesia has contributed to reduce the number of standard syringes, which are produced and distributed in Indonesia. Our product is the market leader of AD syringes in Indonesia with 90% market share. PT. Oneject Indonesia is growing continuously, not only in Indonesia. We have been exported our AD syringes to Asian countries and ready to enter the European market. We ensure the quality of the products at each stage of the production process starting with the selection of medical grade raw materials, the complete manufacturing process to the point of finished product. The products are monitored and controlled by our QC Department as per requirement of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, in cooperation with our R&D Department, in order to continuously monitor the improvement, innovation and thereby increase our product quality.
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