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Petrosea embarked on a digital transformation journey to allow the Company to leverage technology with the aim of becoming the most competitive contract mining company in the South-East Asian region.
Petrosea began its transformation journey through Project Minerva, which stands for "Mining Engineering and Construction Advanced Analytics", as a strategic step in carrying out the digital transformation of all of our mining operations to catalyze Petrosea's transformation in order to ensure sustainable superior performance in the years to come. Apart from harnessing real-time data and connectivity, our aim was also to become a learning organization by continuing to develop essential skills for 4IR adaptation by prioritizing technical and business skill training along with leadership and character building.
As we moved along with the digital transformation initiatives and executed the early phase of Project Minerva, we realized how technology could optimize operations and enhance our financial performance. It was quite straight forward for us to realize that having the right information available in real-time would enable us to make the proper decision in a timely manner to really improve our performance even more. That paved the way to the digital transformation of Petrosea as a company even further.

Mining is a 24 hours operation and it’s a highly capital-intensive business, every function should be connected seamlessly to optimize the operations.
Vertical integration is crucial and especially in digital era where every function produces tons of data. The objective is to eliminate or greatly reduce the wastages and improve performance.
The use of sensors and local network connectivity allow to capture the real time data, analyze and make decisions, further machines to interact with each other. Interpretation of the data processed will be shown in a single app (MineApps) as insights which utilize advanced analytics that help the production team to understand the problem occur in real-time. Therefore, this would help the team to develop a quick action plan. Furthermore, with the existence of control tower that supports data integration; entire units in the operation are able to acquire data from a valid data source.
Integration of Mining operations, Asset Management - AMG (Equipment maintenance) and Supply chain is critical. Each one feeds of the data from other to optimize their daily activity.
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