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Dan Liris Group consists of PT. Dan Liris, PT. Ambassador Garmindo, PT. Multiyasa Abadi Sentosa, PT. Efrata Retailindo, PT. Tabor Andalan Retailindo, PT. Jaringan Ekspedisi Transportasi and PT. Major Minor Kreasi Nusantara. Development initiatives are carried out through ongoing innovation in the fields of equipment by employing sophisticated machinery using the latest technology as well as investment in automatic machinery that increases efficiency and productivity. In addition, product development and diversification are also undertaken in order to guarantee the highest quality products. In 2020, the Dan Liris Group launched a new mission statement: namely “To be a sustainable Dan Liris”, both economically, environmentally and socially. This is in accordance with the company’s tagline: Source of Joy, whereby Dan Liris serves as a source of happiness to all stakeholders and aspires to ensure that all its business activities are carried out sustainably.
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