Pupuk Kalimantan Timur
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Pupuk Kaltim is the largest urea producer in Indonesia. It currently has 5 Urea plants, 5 Ammonia plants and an NPK plant. Pupuk Kaltim is committed to providing high quality products as well as contributes to the national food security. Pupuk Kaltim has received the National Lighthouse Industry 4.0 award from Ministry of Industry of Republic of Indonesia after successfully implementing Industry 4.0 since 2017 with several use cases including Smart Production which consists of Smart Operation and Smart Maintenance, Smart Distribution, Digital Performance Management System, etc. In addition, Pupuk Kaltim has implemented almost all Industry 4.0 key technologies, including: Vertical Integration, Horizontal Integration, big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, cybersecurity, and IoT.


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