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APR is a rayon producer with vertically-integrated operation, from sustainable fiber plantations to high-value textile manufacturing facilities, located in the heart of Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau, Sumatra. In its first year of operations, APR has exported more than half its production to 14 countries, with the balance supplied to an expanding local fashion industry.  Sustainability has been a core focus since the start of operations. During our first two years, we successfully obtained several sustainability certifications for our operations and product.

The whole process, from seeding, planting in industrial forest plantations, to processing dissolving pulp and becoming viscose rayon fiber is carried out in Riau, Indonesia, so we launched the 'Everything Indonesia' campaign to promote the sourcing and production of fashion from Indonesia.
The aim is to support Indonesia's rise as a global textile manufacturing center, starting with viscose rayon as a catalyst for domestic-growing fashion design and creativity.

We have developed the capability to have 100% traceability of dissolving wood pulp along the entire value chain. Our platform, Follow Our Fibre (, is powered by block-chain technology to provide our customers and stakeholders with a transparent way to trace our product back to its source. Traceability is a collaborative effort that involves many layers in the entire supply chain. APR is committed to enabling full traceability throughout the VSF supply chain, with our Follow Our Fibre tracking platform.
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Viscose Staple Fiber
Viscose Staple Fiber
As soft and breathable as cotton and as smooth as silk, these superfine fibres make woven and knitted products ultra-comfortable and seemingly weightless. The large surface area of the fibres gives extraordinary dyeing effects, making the colours more saturated and radiant.
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Viscose Yarn
Viscose Yarn
Made from 100% traceable raw materials
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