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Dharma Group is a group company which is a subsidiary of TRIPUTRA GROUP. PT Dharma Polimetal focuses on metal based products. All processes are designed by our experienced engineering specialist. To fulfill the demand of High Quality Parts, we have developed business line for supplying parts with reliable quality for automotive industries and equipped with advance manufacturing facilities\ We realize that efficiency is the key for all business, so we provide costumer's needs as One Stop Solution, starting from engineering design and development until part/assembles modules manufacturing. This will shorten costumer's development time and production line and we hope our customers could achieve the best cost and benefits. Dharma Group, with its motto “Excellence Through People and Process”, is always commit to deliver good quality and competitive price products on time to all of its customers. PT. Dharma Polimetal as a Holding Company of Dharma Group, which was founded in March 1989, has a subsidiary that is engaged in the automotive component business for motorbikes and cars such as: Frame Parts, Mufflers, Wheel Rim, Plastic Parts, Electrical Distribution System & Cable Control, Special Precision Cutting Tools, and Precision Machining Components, and also Fasteners where its quality not only meets for automotive, but also able to fulfil furniture, construction, and electrical industry's requirements. Dharma Group always prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing the best product quality and delivery according to customer expectations with the motto Excellence Through People and Process.
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