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Indonesia has seen an increasing rate of cancer cases and diagnostic demand for the past few years. However, there is an unbalanced ratio of pathologists per population, making it harder to meet all of the diagnostic demands on time, which can potentially put the life of certain stage cancer patients in danger. Apart from the workforce shortage, the geography of Indonesia also poses a big logistical challenge, particularly in the supply chain of a cancer diagnosis. Neurabot is a start-up company that offers a digital platform for telemicroscopy and telepathology activities as well as providing an automatization through AI application to support the diagnostic process. Neurabot's two solutions (My Lab and AI Lab) are designed to create a more efficient cancer diagnosis process by bypassing the conventional logistic route and suppressing the chance of human error in cancer diagnosis caused by overworked pathologists.
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Jl. Bantul km. 9, Juron, Rt/Rw : 19/00, Krandohan, Pendowoharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta 55186


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