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Hi Mommy Mobile App is an application-based midwifery services at Private Practicing Midwives or Indonesians call it “Praktik Mandiri Bidan”. This product aims to facilitate mom and child by midwifery. Furthermore, it has a long-term goal to escalate the quality of maternal and child health by providing information and consultation starting from planning pregnancy until child growth and development. There are main features in this application which are able to be used optimally by Moms such as My Midwife, Maternal and Child Health Charts, Pregnancy Tracking, Articles, Gifts and Games. Currently, we are planning to do App-launch as part of Go To Market Strategy so that this product will be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Nowadays, the world has entered the Industry Revolution 4.0 which is likely to provide many benefits to people's lives. One of them the benefits is that everything is already on the gadget and this also helps public to get to know and understand more about digital literacy. The high number of gadget users and midwifery services customers indicate that there is an opportunity to reduce sickness and mortality of maternal and child and improve the quality of health services provided by midwives in the community. Therefore, Hi Mommy Mobile App comes for maximizing midwifery services and implementing technology to harmonize the exist of Industry 4.0.
Jl. Pagarsih Gg. Pak Oyon RT/RW 11/06 No. 260A/87 Kel. Jamika, Kec. Bojongloa Kaler


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