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Founded in 2019, PT. Arutala Digital Inovasi or ARUTALA is an immersive tech company from Indonesia specializing in creating and providing customized Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mix Reality for all industries especially in real estate, e-commerce, heavy machine, education, tourism, healthcare, oil & gas. Our solutions have been widely used for training and practicum, education, shopping, and marketing campaigns. Our main focus is to develop an innovative product through VR and AR that can help enable a more effective virtual experience across many job functions, including high-risk environments. In our journey to become Asia-Pacific largest immersive tech company in 2023, ARUTALA aims to enhance human understanding by making Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality accessible to everyone and contribute to promoting our client's business growth, innovation capabilities, and productivity.

As our commitment to developing an innovative product through immersive technology, one of our products that have successfully developed is Matador Excavator Training VR. Matador is the biggest machinery from Myanmar that collaborated with ARUTALA to create a training simulation program more effective and efficient. Matador Excav Training VR is simulations with realistic machine controls to help and optimize excavator training with less risk, less cost, but maximum results. This product offers a way to provide immersive e- learning and virtual training experience without having to visit an on-site location. The module of this product is to know how to do assembly and disassembly in the engine, how processes occur in the engine, and how to do maintenance processes in the engine.
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