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AfterOil is distributed renewable energy solutions based on circular bioeconomy to fulfill our energy needs beyond oil, coal & gas. We have NSPoF (No Single Point of Failure) business model - inspired by blockchain distributed model - to produce green energy & clean electricity by combining any renewable resources (biomass, non-edible plant oils, waste, waste-heat, solar, geothermal) and provide enabling technologies (reactor, biochemical, microturbine, etc) with distributed manufacturing.
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Microturbine is a small power plant (1KW - 1MW) but having opportunity to drive big changes in the world of clean energy. First advantage is the flexibility, all heat sources can be converted into electricity, whether it's abundant waste-heat, sunlight that is evenly distributed throughout the world, unprocessed biomass and other waste. It's simple energy conversion process with only one/two additional equipment is needed.
It's very suitable for an archipelago country like Indonesia which has 17,500 islands, no matter how far & isolated the island is. It will be also beneficial for people in the World. The production of components & complete machines will be also distributed in a number of countries following the user market, because every country has different industrial standards & the people have different purchasing power.?
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