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Pupuk Indonesia was first established in the year 1959 under the name Pupuk Sriwidjaja. Then, in connection with the holding of the restructuring process, on April 5th, 2012, Pupuk Sriwidjaja changed its name to Pupuk Indonesia based in Jakarta according to Deed No. 3 April 3rd, 2012. Along with the business development, we also expand our business through subsidiaries in the fields of construction, trading, logistics, energy, and food. Supported by 10 (ten) subsidiaries, we supply our homeland’s needs of fertilizer both subsidized sector and non-subsidized sector with the capacity of 13,9 million tons of fertilizer per year. Our products include Urea, NPK, SP-36, ZA, ZK, as well as organic fertilizer and other chemical products.We are equipped with distribution facilities such as harbours, fleets, trucks, warehouses to ensure that our product can be distributed all across Indonesia.
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