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Peruri is an authenticity guarantor company since 1971 using high-level security features technology for both printed / conventional and digital products. Since 2019 Peruri has leveraged its ability to ensure the authenticity and security of all electronic or digital transactions through the Peruri Digital Business Solutions service. Some of Peruri's digital security products are: - Peruri Sign, consists of several features such as Perisai (Digital Signature), Peruri Tera (Digital Stamp), the e-KYC system with face recognition, and Electronic Duty Stamp. Peruri Sign are legally valid and recognized by the Indonesian government - Peruri Code or security codes that contains public and private information as well as track and trace services that can monitor product movements in real-time. Peruri Digital Business Solutions services are basically to provide brand protection and anti-counterfeit and anti-smuggling.
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Jalan Palatehan No.4 Blok K-V, Kebayoran Baru


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