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PLN is an Indonesian state-owned company in the electricity sector with business fields in planning and development electricity infrastructure (generators, transmissions, and distribution lines) and substations (transformers, facility stations) and sells the energy to a varied class of customers throughout the Nation. Our campaign “Transformasi PLN” had set out the company to be the #1 energy company in Southeast Asia and choice for energy solutions, with Lean, Green, Innovative, and Customer Focused as the core values. PLN has implemented digital transformation in its business process. Our power systems have implemented digital power generator management that centrally can manage the power plant system to improve its reliability, stability, and efficiency. In distribution system automation, PLN is remoting and control through the electricity distribution systems. For customer services, PLN creates a one-stop solution app for every PLN customer and probable customers to get our products online and in real-time response services. Last but not least, to support electric vehicles, PLN has developed charging stations at several locations that can be monitored and used by using Charge.In application. Therefore, these innovations are made to scale up PLN to be the energy transition leader in Indonesia and even more in Southeast Asia


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