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we invent this game which provide to make a fascinating social bonding. so our product will be meant to families and teachers as a tool to teach their students. Our office are basically in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. But by the time, our connection and networking are spread into Asean such as; Singapore and Malaysia . Company's General Information’s We are a startup company which lead to the first Children's Literacy Game- based on blended technology that can provide a fun learning experience through games that promote interaction between players enriched with AR (Augmented Reality) technology, companion mobile app, & VR (Virtual Reality). Sebangku Games has developed over five products which combine education and games or as usual called with Fun learning methods. one of the product is Sutasoma Bordgame. The SUTASOMA game is a temple promotion media in the form of a board game equipped with AR and VR technology. Inside, there is material about Prambanan, Borobudur and Ratu Boko temples. In addition, the story of Roro Jonggrang and Ramayana is also embedded in this game. It is hoped that this game can increase the number of national and international tourists. beside this can enhance the knowledge of young people to study the history and culture of java which leads to conserve and love the heritages of nations.
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