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    Each year, a HANNOVER MESSE Partner Country is selected with a view to putting the spotlight on a national economy of global importance and driving international initiatives for global economic growth and ecological sustainability. Further, the aim is for the Partner Country to leverage the resulting bilateral dialogue between industrial and political actors to support science, business and technology at a wide range of levels. A Partner Country participation at HANNOVER MESSE is also an excellent opportunity for the Partner Country to present its new technologies, innovative and sustainable growth strategies and research projects to an international audience. These overarching objectives of the HANNOVER MESSE Partner Country program also feed into and support the Partner Country?s own strategic objectives. HANNOVER MESSE gives the Partner Country?s industrial sector a platform that it can use to realize new approaches and solutions in industrial policy. Previous Partner Countries include Schweden, Mexico, Poland, the USA, India, the Netherlands, Russia, China, France, Italy, Korea, Japan and Turkey.

    Longstanding history of German industries in Indonesia, and Indonesia ties to Germany! The bilateral diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and Germany was started in 1952 with the establishment of German Embassy in Jakarta. But the relationship between peoples could be stretched back to the colonial time when numbers of German scientists and artists travelled to the Indonesian archipelago in 19th century. Taking as an example, Siemens has officially set foot in Indonesia since 1909 when it opened its first office in Surabaya, East Java. But Siemens?s footprints had begun in Indonesia since 1855 by supplying the first pointer telegraph. The quality of German technology is on top of mind of the Indonesian people. The German investments are dominated by the following sectors: logistics and transportation, basic metal, metal products, machinery and electronics, basic chemicals, chemical and pharmaceutical, textile, food, leather, leather-based products and footwear, rubber, rubber- and plastic-based products, and of non-metal minerals. In past years, Indonesia set prioritized sectors for German investments as automotive and automotive components, energy and renewable energy, chemical, logistics and transportation and metal. Indonesia gives as well big interest in the vocational education. The trends of German investment in Indonesia are increasing.

    Being a partner country means that there will be a huge international focus on that country and the industry for more than a year. The government is supporting the project and will allocate a lot of resources to proceed with many different projects that will be performed during the year and specifically during the fair. Many key players in the industry in that country will as well support the project and normally the participation from the partner country will dominate HANNOVER MESSE that year. The media focus is always huge during the fair and the interest to report regarding the partner country is always in focus. Meaning Indonesia and Indonesian companies will get an extra international push during the partner country year. Indonesia has a great chance to put themselves on the international map and one way to show what Indonesia is delivering is through the National Pavilion. For the exhibiting companies, being part of HANNOVER MESSE during the partner country year, means a lot of advantages. There will be a country branding that all exhibitors from Indonesia can take part of, so visitors easily can see who is coming from Indonesia and we know by experience that the companies will get many extra leads during the partner country year. Normally this spill over also to the year after and places the exhibiting companies in a very good position for a long time.

    The ties between Indonesia and Germany are already strong. Indonesia is an important export market for Germany as well as German companies are increasing their investments in Indonesia constantly since many years. For Indonesia, being the partner country for HANNOVER MESSE strengthens these circumstances even more. I think the result of this is that the door to the international market will open up even more for Indonesian companies. A result will probably be that this effect will stay for several years and not only in 2020 when Indonesia will be partner country to HANNOVER MESSE

    Prepare well by inviting all your current and potential business contacts. You can use the visitor tickets that you will be provided with as exhibitor at HANNOVER MESSE. Plan your booth, so it will be seen among your competitors in the hall. Use thepartner country branding that will be provided all Indonesian companies to a decent cost. Stay active during the whole fair and collect as many new contacts as you can. Be organized and write notes to all contacts that you are collecting. Take the opportunity to networking and educate yourself during the fair. There will be several great forums and conferences that will lift highly interesting topics. Maybe your company can contribute to the program to get even more visible during HANNOVER MESSE. Take the opportunity to observe your competitors during the fair. I can be a good source for business development to experience new trends in the industry. Follow up all contacts after the trade show and donĀ“t wait too long to get in touch with your new potential customers. Try to evaluate every contact and prioritize them.


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